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Thank you to the Whitewater Firefighters at Foresters Falls station!


We had the scary and unfortunate experience of a chimney fire recently. It set in panic and fear, as I could see flames inside our chimney from the basement to the top of the attic. We made a call to 911, who quickly connected us to the Whitewater fire dispatch. We were very appreciative and impressed with how quickly firefighters responded. The chief was here in just a matter of minutes. Then the fire truck arrived with a few crew. In the following minutes another five or six firefighters arrived to help. They quickly extinguished the worst of the fire and then continued to work on it while monitoring the chimney and walls with their thermal imaging camera until all was safe. 

We are so thankful to our Whitewater firefighters for their speedy response, dedication, care, calmness and professionalism. While watching them work and speaking to them you start to realize just what a commitment and contribution these wonderful men and women are making in our community. They have their meetings and practice every week, giving time that could be spent leisurely, or with family and friends. And when a call does come in they drop everything to respond – whether it be family meals, a hockey game, work or even sleep. Often this can mean the next four to 12 hours or more geared up and dealing with fires in horrible conditions, such as windy minus 30 degree weather.

We are so thankful to still have our home. Without the devotion of these fantastic people and their rapid response, we may not have it today.

We would like to invite all of the Whitewater Firefighters to have lunch on us at the upcoming Foresters Falls Athletic Association Winter Carnival on February 8. Just let the folks at the lunch counter know that you are a firefighter and enjoy your lunch.

With sincerest thanks,
Heidi & Dave