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Dan Criger releases modest climate proposal


RENFREW COUNTY (Petawawa) — Dan Criger, Independent Candidate for the riding of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke has today released his Modest Climate Proposal.  In it he proposes that the burden of emissions reductions should be on the wealthiest individuals, not seniors and low income families as is presently the case.

All parties are promising to “put a price on pollution” if they are elected, and whatever they call their scheme, it will raise the price of heating fuel and gasoline and increase the cost of living.

The cost of heating fuel goes up because of the carbon tax, and this is where emissions reductions happen.  “You have to make the choice of heating and eating,” he said. “Do you turn the heat down to 18C, or do you stay warm and buy cheaper, less nutritious food or eat less?”  The wealthy don’t have to make this decision, they will keep flying their private jets and heating/air-conditioning their French villas no matter the price of fuel. Trudeau’s second jet puts out more CO2 in one hour than most of us do in one year.  “I’m not concerned about the super wealthy, I`m concerned about you, especially seniors and low income families in this riding who are the most susceptible to fuel price increases.”

What happens when seniors are forced to turn the heat down during a winter cold snap, or can’t afford nutritious food?  This is a potentially deadly result. We are paying with our lives so the rich can fly their private jets to climate conferences to lecture us about “climate responsibility.”

I would therefore like to make a Modest Climate Proposal.  If it is fair that we reduce our emissions so the rich don’t have to, then wouldn’t it also be just as fair if we turned that around so that the rich reduce their emissions so that we don’t have to reduce ours?  After all, the rich are the biggest emitters.  All they have to do is live the same carbon footprint that people in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke are living today as a matter of course. “I believe this would allow Canada to exceed our emissions targets.”