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Conspiracy Theory?

WHITEWATER REGION -- I walked the grassy knoll and looked down Dealey Plaza from the 6th floor window of the Texas School Book...

Correction, Apology

WHITEWATER REGION -- A column published on June 6, 2019, written by Lorne Spotswood and headed “The Legend of Martin ‘Matt’ Hennessey,” discussed...

Payphone to remain in Foresters Falls — now to get better cell service

WHITEWATER REGION Foresters Falls_ — The Bell Telephone payphone at Annie’s Gas Bar and Variety will be staying. Store owner Harry Aswal, who received a...

Joyce Campbell has a lot of memories

WHITEWATER REGION (Westmeath) — A Westmeath woman celebrating her 90th birthday has no shortage of memories. She’s a gold medallist in bowling – has milked...
St Patty's Day Parade Douglas

St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Douglas

  Close to 60 floats participated in the 7th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Douglas Saturday evening.

Fun at the frosty fat bike social near Beachburg

         WHITEWATER NEWS (behind Beachburg) —Mother Nature co-operated and Sunday’s spring-like day in winter was perfect for the Fat and Frosty Fat...

The $100+ beard and hair cut

Farmer Tim Tabbert doesn’t cut his hair or beard for just anyone. Following the St. Paddy’s Parade in Douglas last Saturday night, the Queen’s Line...
Whitewater Region - LOGO

$150,000 for Whitewater Region council remuneration

Top politicians takes home the most money.

ESSAY: Enjoying Our Country Fair By Eleanor McLaughlin (tie)

1st place finisher in the Creative Writing competition at the Beachburg Fair

ACROSTIC: A Baffling Happening in Bethune By Heather Campbell

1st place finisher in the Creative Writing competition at the Beachburg Fair