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Beachburg local overcomes odds, wins race


WHITEWATER REGION (Beachburg) — The day after he turned six years old, Beachburg resident Nathan Blok was racing go-karts. The now 25 year old traveled to Bowmanville, Ont. over the weekend and competed in the GT Sport Class of the Canadian Touring Car Challenge at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP).

Having no seat time since September 2018 due to lack of money, Blok qualified first in his class and third overall. Driving a Speedstar Motorsport Audi R8, he placed first in race one. Due to his tires overheating in the second race, he lost his lead but recovered and continued to drive strong, finishing second. 

“The only experience I’ve had in an [Audi] R8 was three laps for work. My day job at the time was as a driving instructor. I had three laps in the car, at speed, in the road car,” said Blok. Speedstar is located in Markham, Ont. and was the team Blok raced with at CTMP. 

According to Chris Perkins from Road and Track, a race car uses many of the same basic components as a road car, but is designed with very different tasks in mind. Street cars also don’t have to endure the same harsh conditions as race cars, but are expected to run for longer with minimal maintenance.

Blok comes from humble beginnings and has two supportive and loving parents. They work as a team on and off the track to not only win races, but secure sponsors. Blok even appeared on the sixth episode in season six of the popular television show, Dragon’s Den in 2011. He walked away from the experience successful.

Currently, Blok’s sponsors are Woody’s Motor Vehicle, Plastiglas, H&H Construction, Assante Financial Services, Sunsign Graphics, Belder Tool Solutions, McMillan Transmission, TD Products and Donley Pools.